Protecting a New Form

The auto-protection feature is great for protecting the usual suspect forms (like contact or create_customer) at the point of installation on your store. Occasionally the process doesn't go as planned due to a difference in theme structure or sometimes you just need to protect another form not yet protected. In these cases, you can protect these forms by clicking the Protect New Form button on the Shop Protector app page.

Upon clicking the Protect New Form button you will see the Register New Form window

In most cases you can use the Liquid Form Tag option and click the Search Forms field. This will open a new window used to find the form you wish to protect.

Simply click the drop down menu and find the form you wish to protect from your shop's template assets. After pressing the Check Form Location button all you have to do is click the Register button and you are good to go!

If you have any trouble with this process feel free to contact our support team at We would be happy to protect your forms for you or assist with any other issues you may encounter.