What If I Need to Uninstall?

Shop Protector is a powerful tool for stopping bots from crawling your store and spamming forms or creating fake accounts. We don't like to think about it but we know it is possible, for one reason or another, the need could arise where a customer may need to uninstall Shop Protector...even if only temporarily for testing purposes. In these cases, please remember to unprotect your forms before uninstalling! When a customer uninstalls Shop Protector, this invalidates the OAuth token that grants our app access to your theme assets so there is no way for us to automatically unprotect/revert the changes to your forms for you after an uninstall.

The easiest way to unprotect your protected forms is to simply click the red minus icon under the term Unprotect in the Shop Protector app for each of your forms.

This will ensure they work properly after you uninstall Shop Protector. However, if you do run into any issues with the app, please feel free to reach out to our friendly and professional support team at support@humanpresence.io. We are always happy to help!